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Here you will find everything to learn Arabic and Quran.
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Our aim is to make the Arabic language and Qur’aan accessible to women and children.

We believe that learning Arabic and Qur’aan can be fun and easy. Our students totally agree!

We hope that we can help you, too, with these beautiful courses and enjoyable stories and articles. In shaa Allaah!

Recite Qur'an in the best way

A fun, simple and easy way to learn reading Qur’an correctly. With basic tajweed rules. Free for everyone. Including booklet with all tajweed & reading rules from the course!

A fun, easy and professional method to learn Arabic.
For women and children.
From the beginning to an advanced level.

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Level 1 reading and writing alif to arabic

Level 1: Reading and writing

Learn the Arabic alphabet, vowels, and everything you need to read and write Arabic correctly. Including live chat support.

NOW £17.50 (24.50 USD)

Level 2: Your first words

Learn a lot of new words and phrases and the basics of the Arabic language. Including live chat support.

Get the entire series (Levels 1 - 4)

Special offer! If you buy the complete series at once, I’ll give you the first book for free. That’s 25% off!

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In a family of teachers, studying and teaching Arabic is our passion. We believe that learning Arabic can be fun and easy, and our students totally agree! We hope that we can make you, too, happy with this beautiful course, in sha Allah.

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