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Our complete curriculum contains 5 beautiful courses, to help you get started until you reach an advanced level.

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Arabic course level 3 - a solid foundation - from alif to arabic

Level 3: A solid Foundation

Acquire a strong vocabulary and learn basic grammar, in fun stories and short exercises. Including live chat support.

NOW £17.50 (24.50 USD)

Level 2: Your first words

Learn a lot of new words and phrases and the basics of the Arabic language. Including live chat support.

NOW £11 (14.50 USD)
Level 1 reading and writing alif to arabic

Level 1: Reading and writing

Learn the Arabic alphabet, vowels, and everything you need to read and write Arabic correctly. Including live chat support.

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From Alif to Arabic level 4 deeper in the language

Level 4: Deeper in the language

Dive deeper into Arabic and learn to speak, write and understand Arabic flawlessly. Including live chat support!

What Our Students Have to Say

“This is really an awesome course, really Allahumma Baarik, may Allah reward you abundantly for it!”

“Very useful phrases for everyday use. I am very happy with this, Baarak Allaahu feekum! ”

“I simply love your course. The short lessons are easy to combine with being a mom/housewife.”

“My son of 8 loves it. Together we finished level 2, and now we’re going to start on level 3. Alhamdulillah!”

Our team

We’re a family of Arabic teachers, dedicated to assist you in learning Arabic.

With Allah’s help, we planned, designed, created and published this course, Alhamdulillaah.

We believe that learning Arabic can be easy, fun and simple, and our students totally agree!

We hope that we can help you, too, with this beautiful course. In sha Allah!

Umm Jaabir

Founder, Teacher & Coach

Salaam alaykum! I’m Umm Jaabir.
For the past 6 years, I have been actively teaching the Arabic language to non-native students, both online and in the classroom. 
I totally enjoy studying and teaching this beautiful language, and I hope that I can help you also in learning Arabic. In sha Allah!

Umm Safiya

Student Succes Coach

Salaam alaykum, I’m Umm Safiya!  I am here to help you to get started with the course, and to answer your questions. 

Drop me a message and let’s chat!

Even more enthusiastic students...

“I went through the course like a train. Just because it was fun. Because of this course I now read the Holy Quran much easier elhamdulillah. I should have discovered it sooner!”

“So very useful that the words from the previous lessons keep coming back in the new ones, this way you keep revising them.”

“The student book is a perfect addition to the videocourse. I’m so glad that I purchased it.”

“Super educational! The videos are also very clear ma sha Allah. My kids understand it right away too!”

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